algoWatt, GreenTech Solutions company listed on Borsa Italiana’s electronic stock exchange (MTA) met today, announces that the RESTABILISE 4.0 project (Resilience and Energy: Specialisation of Enabling Technologies for the Balancing of Infrastructures and Energy Systems), of which the company is a partner, had access to a total grant of Euro 0.2 million.

The research project has been included in the list of eligible projects eligible for funding under the Call for proposals for industrial research and experimental development projects in the field of enabling technologies 4.0 promulgated by the Start4.0 Competence Centre (, for Security and Optimisation of Strategic Infrastructure, established by the Ministry of Economic Development. The scenario considered by the proposal, also on the basis of the guidelines of the European and national regulators, is one that sees an increasingly decentralized electricity network, in which there are aggregates of different types such as, for example, energy communities at the level of condominiums, neighbourhoods, urban districts, industrial areas.

The research project aims to develop new approaches and methods to ensure business continuity and implement policies and strategies to ensure resilience in the event of a critical event, whether caused by computer risk, network failures, data transmission problems or the unpredictable behaviour of generators and loads connected to the network. RESTABILISE 4.0 combines the heterogeneous and complementary skills of 3 industrial partners – FlairBit S.r.l. (coordinator), algoWatt S.p.A., Camelot Biomedical Systems S.r.l. – and a research body – University of Genoa (CENVIS/DIBRIS), to define and validate on a microgrid the technologies to ensure the resilience and reliability of energy systems.

algoWatt, active in the development of solutions for the energy supply chain, is strongly oriented towards innovation and strengthening its portfolio of energy expertise. In particular, the RESTABILISE 4.0 project will increase the range of applications of enabling technologies for forecasting production and consumption, as well as for DSS policies to ensure energy compensation and resilience of a distributed system.

These are, in fact, strategic areas from a market perspective to increase, thanks to research activities, the company offer. algoWatt will widen the field of its solutions, in order to foresee and manage the flexibility of energy systems, with innovative methods able to integrate different uses, such as the use of storage systems for local energy management and contribution to grid stability, as proposed by ARERA’s Ultrarapida Reserve service.