Agreement between Softeco and Sea-Side for the implementation of an integrated system of “Predictive Energy Analytics”

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TerniEnergia, a smart company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange's electronic share market (MTA) and part of the Italeaf Group, announces that the digital company Softeco Sismat has signed an industrial and commercial partnership with Seaside, an Italgas Group company operating in the energy [...]

ENAV monitors energy consumption thanks to Energy Retail, the Softeco solution for energy management

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ENAV will monitor and analyze the consumption data of the individual sites where the electricity is delivered to the customer (in the energy sector they are referred to as PODs) and those related to the contract entered into with the energy suppliers. This is [...]

Big Data Analytics for Energy Efficiency: A picture is worth a thousand data

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Nowadays data is the lifeblood of business activity, the key to identify strategic solutions and beat the competition. But achieving success requires the ability to quickly extract the proper data, using the appropriate tools: whatever is your goal, business processes management, product life cycle management, [...]

Big Data Analytics per l’Efficienza Energetica: un’immagine vale più di mille dati

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I dati oggi sono la linfa vitale dell’attività di business, la chiave per individuare le decisioni strategiche in grado di battere la concorrenza. Ma, per avere successo, serve soprattutto la capacità di estrarre quelli giusti con rapidità, utilizzando gli strumenti appropriati: che l’obiettivo sia [...]

Energy saving and sustainable building: strategic agreement with Ecodomus Consortium

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Softeco can bring intelligence, innovative solutions and its skills in sectors heavily conditioned by digital transformation such as sustainable construction, energy efficiency, renewable energy, consumption management of public and private buildings. For this reason, the digital company of the TerniEnergia Group has been chosen [...]

Softeco at Enermanagement XI

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June 18 Softeco participates in Enermanagement XI, the event on Energy Management, with an intervention on energy efficiency. Thanks to the experience gained in the energy management sector, with the creation of solutions aimed at energy efficiency and the control of energy costs, Softeco [...]

Softeco partecipa all’Enermanagement XI

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Softeco partecipa il 18 giugno all’Enermanagement XI, l’evento sull’Energy Management, con un intervento sull’efficienza energetica. Grazie all’esperienza maturata nel settore dell’energy mangement, con la creazione di soluzioni mirate all’energy efficiency e al controllo dei costi legati all’energia, Softeco presenterà uno speech dal titolo “Smart [...]

Energy Efficiency day: Softeco presents its BEMS solutions

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How is energy efficiency evolving and the role of the Energy Manager in the sustainable development of the current market? The "Energy Efficiency & Smart Building Day" event on May 15th, now in its seventh edition, will provide answers to this question. The focus [...]

Energy Efficiency day: Softeco presenta le sue soluzioni BEMS

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Come sta evolvendo l’efficienza energetica e il ruolo dell’Energy Manager nello sviluppo sostenibile del mercato attuale? L’evento “Energy Efficiency & Smart Building Day” del 15 maggio, arrivato alla sua settima edizione, fornirà le risposte a questa domanda. Il focus dell’evento organizzato da IKN Italy [...]