Anpal approved the project for the empowerment of digital skills: 10,240 hours of training for 91 employees of the Genoa office

algoWatt accelerates on the strengthening of skills, acting not so much on the acquisition of new skills, but on the upgrade of all professional knowledge – mainly hard – in the workforce. This is the goal of the training plan envisaged by the skill transformation path initiated by the greentech company in recent years.

The company led by Stefano Neri , has entrusted the managing director Laura Bizzarri and the HR team, led by Marcella Arioti , with the aim of prepare a program to adapt personnel to the challenges posed by the economic-social transformation that have a direct impact on work and by the evolution of organizational and production models influenced by the Covid-19 emergency.

algoWatt, precisely to enhance and retrain digital skills in a new and pervasive interpretation, had access to the New Skills Fund by Anpal to help build the skills of the future. The approval of the project, which concerns a training course of 10,240 hours for 91 employees of the Genoa office to be carried out in the next 3 months, provided for the signing of a trade union agreement, which allows to protect the occupational perimeter, improving the skills of the workers.

The algoWatt project hinges on the following main assets:

  • adapt and strengthen the technical skills and corporate know-how of personnel directly involved in activities related to new products and services;
  • develop more technical skills and acquire advanced tools for data analysis and interpretation;
  • increase the effectiveness towards customers and increase the ability to generate performance in line with what is required by the market, according to high standards in terms of quality;
  • develop a smarter management style, which requires more decision-making autonomy and greater productivity in the management of processes and resources.

With regard to Digital Upskilling : digital skills are no longer considered a set of autonomous skills to be transferred to workers, but rather – due to the high technological content of the business activity – the goal is of digitalization of skills. Digital contents and their main evolutionary trends therefore permeate all the training courses of the entire plan, activating a real digital mindset .

On Product Development the training needs of a technical nature are closely linked to the development and management of new products and services connected to the changing requests of client companies to have increasingly diversified and customized solutions, for which specific professionals who have their key to success in the distinctly digital profile.

Finally, with regard to Smart management , the company intends to support the current organizational revolution of work, through the development of skills for the effective management of change.