Nowadays, energy needs digitalization pretty much as digitalization needs energy: IT makes energy systems more intelligent, efficient and resilient, whereas energy makes IT infrastructure able to sustain exploding trends – e.g. an internet traffic tripling every five years.
Digitalization is also forcing dynamicity into energy systems that were built a long time ago with a different, static, unidirectional view of the whole infrastructure. Modern approaches to environmental sustainability, as well as political strategies to reduce long-term climate change, require a totally different approach for an integrated management of energy systems, embracing the whole chain from production to transmission and distribution up to demand response and energy efficiency.
Research on different aspects of the energy sector allow us to bring a spark of innovation into long-standing industrial approach, to face the technical and operational challenges that this digital energy revolution implies.




Advanced Prognostic Maintenance System for Energy - Diagnostics and Advanced Prognostics for the Resilience of Energy Production Plants from Non-Programmable Renewable Sources [...]