The perfect time to share an easy and relaxed drink, to build the group without formalisms, e-mails to read, lines of code to write, orders to manage, invoices to archive, timetables to respect.

Softeco’s networking and team building events continue, this time with an appointment that involved colleagues from the Catania office and that was hosted in the ideal location to develop relationships, thanks to an excellent opportunity to have a chat with colleagues, even those who are usually rarely seen. The General Manager Massimo Mannori, the Delivery Manager Roberto Catanzariti and the Coomercial Manager of the GEC BU, Marco Genta, met for a drink the team that, besides following the software development for some Sicilian customers, also follows the internal development of some Softeco products.

The soirée of 4 July, which was attended by about twenty employees and partners of the company engaged in the Sicilian headquarters, gave a great collective willingness to grow working relationships and to support the co-operation and thus the success of projects.

And now Softeco is preparing for the date of Genoa, in the headquarters, where the main event of this first cycle of team-building initiatives will be hosted.