The algoWatt Academy project, the corporate school for training and professional preparation promoted by the greentech solutions company, places a new element in the mosaic of its growth. After the first rounds of courses aimed at hiring Java and .NET programmers, this time the topic of the training session concerned “supervisory control and data acquisition” technologies.

The selection and training of the new group of Academy students, called SCADA4Business, was carried out in collaboration with Umana, an employment agency authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies for the management of temporary agency work.

4 profiles inserted in the company

“The new course has led to the inclusion of 4 additional highly qualified profiles in the programming of Scada software in algoWatt – explains algoWatt’s HR Manager, Marcella Arioti – The intensive training course lasted from April 14 to May 5 and, in consistent with the emergency restrictive measures for the new coronavirus, it was held in videoconference in synchronous mode. With this new course, we introduce in the new company algoWatt programmers, specialized in the different aspects of the SCADA world, selected among young graduates. “

4 algoWatt teachers involved in the project

The course was attended by 7 candidate students, who faced a program divided into 4 modules of 120 hours in total, 110 of which have technical content. In Scada4Business, students have explored the different facets and applications of distributed IT systems (SCADA, in fact) for the monitoring and supervision of physical systems. It is a constantly evolving technology, hand in hand with the progress of electronics, IT and telecommunications networks, primarily used in industrial and infrastructural area. To contribute to the training there are also 4 teachers selected from algoWatt staff and an external technician.

The goal of the Academy is to bring students into contact with the company, contributing to the growth of new professional skills in the working context, also to transfer the orientation towards proactivity, problem solving and customer satisfaction to future collaborators.