Project Description


algoWatt has developed and produce the Fleet Control system EasyTrack.

EasyTrack can be used to control and manage the fleet engaged in different types of transport services, in particular in the following areas:

  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Utilities (Urban Cleaning, Maintenance Services, etc.)
  • Generic ground and naval fleets

The system has been designed as an open and modular platform, able to easily integrate specific functions according to any requirements of the customer.

EasyTrack main features are:

  • Real time and batch fleet localization
  • Events and alarms management
  • Special events Automatic notification via email / SMS
  • Reporting activities with detailed operations and routes on the map informations
  • Stops and driver’s driving style control
  • Digital and analog sensors management
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance management (scheduled and unscheduled)
  • Fuel consumption analysis
  • Deadlines management (insurance, duty stamps, licenses)
  • Control center / vehicles communication management
  • Missions management (generation, dispatching, acceptance / rejection, on board operations)

According to customer needs and operational choices, the system involves the use of different on-board equipments, to ensure desired functionality and system architecture optimization.

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