Project Description


eMile system optimizes goods distribution and collection, together with transport and delivery service planning and monitoring, responding in effective manner to the management needs of  what is commonly called Last Mile.

The system provides the following key features:

  • inventory management (check-in / check-out of the commodity at logistic base)
  • optimized planning of delivery / collection service
  • Track & Trace management
  • service monitoring and certification
  • billing management
  • reporting management

In addition to direct logistics (goods distribution) and reverse logistics (goods collection), Proteco solutions allow  to manage the so called internal urban area logistic.

This B2C application allows to organize the following value added services:

  • Park & Buy: goods purchased in shops covered by this service will be delivered directly to parking (especially useful in areas closed to traffic and in the Restricted Traffic Zone, where users should carry by hand the goods to the parking lots ).
  • Taxi Freight :  this feature allows to ship within the served area by booking a custom freight service.
  • Home Delivery: selected area residents reserved, similar to Park & Buy service
  • Third Parties Warehouse : this service which provides goods storage and shipping / delivery to the store, at the request of the store manager.

The eMile system allows you to organize and manage interchange areas (interports) in which medium / long range shipments can deposit and / or charge the goods, using, for distribution / collection, environmental low impact flexible transport services.


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