Project Description

EDM (Energy Data Manager) is the solution designed for the Energy Manager, for the control of expenditure and the optimized management of the electrical consumption and supply.

In particular, EDM manages:

  • The administrative / information process on duty to the Energy Manager, in a structured and organized way, allowing a substantial saving of time
  • The control of billing, covering all the different contractual case studies  and continue regulatory changes
  • The consumption data from different sites
  • The simulation of the economic scenario, based on the different  types of contracts offered by the suppliers and on technical indicators (ITEC, …) , consumption estimates, historical data, different time periods and so on.
  • The consumption forecasting, to minimize unbalance  risks
  • Energy budgeting and reporting

EDM is derived entirely from the Energy & Gas Retail Suite, the most  popular Reseller, Trader and  Multiutility  solution  for the Energy and Gas sales process  management on the free market.

The system has the following characteristics:

  • Designed with an intuitive interface, common to all the modules that make up the system
  • Set with a high degree of configurability, aimed at supporting the constant changes imposed by regulatory bodies
  • Based on a modular logic, adapted to ensure maximum levels of expandability both in terms of functionality and managed data volume
  • Ready  for analysis reports building  to provide the Company Management  the necessary tools to control and plan the energy expenditure process.

The following figure shows a functional diagram of the various components of the product.

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