Project Description


ER-Esos – Energy Smart Optimization System – is the product developed by algoWatt for energy consumption monitoring and analysis and has the following goals:

  • provide customers with a custom tool that easily integrates into their IT architecture and systems, measure and manage directly the energy consumption of various utilities (for optimal use related to the costs), through optimal management of the following steps:
    • energy carriers supply and administrative management
    • energy carriers consumption with increased efficiency and cost reduction
  • interpret the needs of companies operating in the industrial and production services and public and private services, in order to do the most convenient choices of energy supply and utilization, in line with the increasingly dynamic and evolving nature of energy market
  • provide measurement data analysis and interpretation, allowing customers to achieve substantial energy cost savings through increasing efficiency and energy savings targeted actions
  • suggest specific multi-site and multi- energy solutions, to improve energy expenditure management, with savings in the short, medium and long term
  • enable the development and implementation of an optimal management overall strategy of energy sources

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