Solid State Lighting for illumination of city centres and exposition buildings


The use of Solid State Lighting (SSL) is still problematic when light quality is an uncompromising requirement, as in high quality urban areas or in buildings hosting expositions and museums. In these scenarios illumination is part of the environment, interacts with the architecture and participates in creating the special atmosphere which make the place amusing and unique. Standardised solutions able to meet the specific needs of such users, which go beyond energy efficiency, have not been assessed yet.


The ILLLLUMINATE builds up a network of exposition buildings and cities in Europe to study, deploy, demonstrate and assess a widely applicable approach to SSL adoption, easy to be replicated beyond the project boundaries. UMINATE approach is innovative as it intends to be general and integrated. It is developed by putting together all actors in the value chain for deriving a general solution in a large number of scenarios where light quality has priority over efficiency.

End users are municipalities and owners or managers dealing with high quality urban areas and different kinds of exhibition building where illumination is a main element of the environment, and light quality is at least as relevant as efficiency. Energy consumption reduction pushes for SSL adoption, but the quality requirements and constraints make the change difficult to achieve. On the other side, beside efficiency, LED technology can improve light quality in these scenarios, by exploiting intensity, colour and light temperature control as well as the possibility to create innovative lighting solutions thanks to the small size of LED elements.

ILLUMINATE will contribute to the fulfilment of these needs by providing a widely applicable catalogue of assessed SSL solutions specifically designed for these users by a pool of qualified technology providers and lighting designers.


During the project, end users included in the consortium will develop and tune this approach and will deliver best practices and guidelines for supporting replication.

ILLUMINATE will assess the possibility to pay back SSL implementation costs with energy savings in the short/medium term. A preliminary study is presented in this proposal and will be followed by accurate planning and assessment during the project. Pilot owners will also exploit SSL application and benefit demonstration as a marketing element.

The expertise acquired in the project will provide competitive advantages to technical partners which intend to reinforce their market position by exploiting project results.

The SSL solutions implemented in the project will be owned by the owners of building and outdoor areas where pilots will be implemented.

Guidelines, technical design, assessment report and data will be owned by partners participating to the activities and made available to the pilot owners. Devices and software applications developed/provided by technical partners will be owned by the developers/providers and licensed to the pilot owners.

A specific agreement will be signed to rule the use of knowledge acquired for the development of further applications by technical partners and pilot owners.

ILLUMINATE will consider the full range of SSL technology (LED lamps, fixtures, luminaries, light control devices, dimming devices etc…) supported by intelligent control systems.

SSL device producers and light designer participating in the consortium will provide state of the art and innovative solutions to be adopted by the pilots and proposed for replication.

ILLUMINATE will adopt state of the art devices for supporting intelligent light control including metering devices, sensors and actuator adopting wireless or power line communication.


A consolidated research group with a renowned academic and industrial profile.

  • Municipality of Genoa (IT)
  • algoWatt SpA (IT)
  • Costa Edutainment SPA (Aquarium of Genoa) (IT)
  • Porto Antico Genova Spa (IT)
  • Philips SpA (IT)
  • Ove Arup & Parteners Int.Lim. (UK)
  • Lithuanian Sea Museum Klaipeda (LT)
  • Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (GR)
  • Belfast City Coucil (UK)
  • Diergaarde Blijdorp Rotterdam (Rotterdam Zoo) (NL)
  • CENERGIA Energy Consultants APS (DK)
  • FEDARENE – Fédération Européenne des Agences et des Régions de l’énergie et l’environnement (BE)
  • ENEL Sole srl (IT)



algoWatt SpA


EC Programme – CIP-ICT PSP Call 5


30 months