Project Description


The RTU-GO has been designed to implement products, systems and integrated solutions for every application in the industrial, infrastructure, housing and utilities markets

RTu-GORTU-GO hardware technology has been designed by Selesoft Consulting to be highly modular, compact and reliable.

The RTU-GO is flexible both in terms of application areas and in quantity and type of field points managed. The device includes a communication and data processing unit (CM), 3 different input/output modules, one for 16 Digital Input, one for 16 Analog Input and the last one for the management of 8 Digital Output.

Thanks to the small size of the various modules and to the possibility to install them on the same din bar, we can offer to our customers highly customized and easy to configure solutions. A mechanism for quick coupling and release of the modules and the use of removable terminals for wiring, allows simple operations to replace, add and/or remove I/O modules.

From the functional point of view, the CM processing unit module has an ARM CPU with  dual-core 32-bit architecture managed by an embedded Linux operating system. There are  two serial ports and two Ethernet ports for communications and the supported protocols are the whole family IEC 60870-5 (101, 103, 104 both client and server), IEC 61850 and Modbus ASCII / RTU.

  • embedded Linux operating system

  • digital signals and analog measurements acquisition

  • commands and set-point management

  • Ethernet and/or serial RS-485 Communication

  • multiple connections to multiple supervision centers management with different communication protocols

  • time synchronization with time servers via NTP network protocol

  • local logic implementation and management

  • LOG and events files storage and transmission

  • Communication and Information Processing Unit (CM) with Ethernet and RS-485

  • ability to connect to intelligent field devices (PLC, regulators, IEDs, etc.) via fieldbus with standard protocols IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104, Modbus, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 61850, etc.

  • local log memory with programmable logic cancellation of events based on the earliest date or filling

  • ARM CPU with 32 bit dual-core;
  • Linux embedded operating system;
  • uSD memory storage (up to 32 GB);
  • flash memory storage (up to 1024 MB);
  • time resolution of the events at the millisecond;
  • communication via cable networks of dedicated Ethernet and serial RS-485;
  • management of log files with programmable logic cancellation of events based on time or disk space;
  • high density of entry points output for each unit (modules type: 16xDI, 16xAI, 8xDO);
  • 2 Ethernet ports 10/100 Mbit/s drives CM;
  • 2 serial lines RS-485;
  •  supported communication protocols:
    • IEC 60870-5-101
    • IEC 60870-5-104
    • IEC 60870-5-103
    • IEC 61850
    • IEC 60870-5-104
  • DIN rail modular architecture composed of several units with dedicated features;
  • connection between the units is made via serial interface RS-485 on the internal bus of  the DIN rail;
  • 5V dc Bus power supply;
  • redundant connectivity with two Ethernet interfaces and two serial RS-485;
  • digital inputs acquisition unit (16x Digital Input);
  • analog measurements acquisition unit (16x Analog Input);
  •  commands management unit (8x Digital Output);
  •  high density of points of input/output points configurations  thanks to the I/O units modularity.
  • 9 to 160 Volts DC supply unit;
  • on/off remote signals Input for 5 VDC with negative polarity;
  •  unidirectional positive telemetry with 12-bit resolution in current (+/- 0,375mA to +/- 20mA) with 124 ohms minimum impedance and common head;
  • pulse or bistable remote controls output with high insulation relay.

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