Project Description

Teneo is algoWatt’s  software solution for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance management.

It provides a set of tools for action planning, technicians operation optimization and verification, cost control, document and safety devices management.

Goals of the system are:

  • ordinary and extraordinary maintenance management

  • composition and scheduling of the teams operating the maintenance activities

  • cost analysis and reduction

Teneo has the following features:

Teneo consists of two main modules, web and mobile, working in integrated mode

Teneo Web  functionalities:

  • Master data, procedures and users configuration
  • Planning, scheduling and optimization of scheduled and occasional maintenance
  • Maintenance interventions assignment
  • Multi-channel interventions notification (email, web, mobile) and acceptance / rejection management
  • Verification of interventions carried out and control of labor and spare parts costs

Teneo Mobile  functionalities:

  • Interventions acceptance / rejection
  • Operational support through “step by step” procedures
  • On field information and values collection (intervention ticket opening, parameters detection, counters, states, …) with real-time automatic alignment of  the central system
  • Automatic interventions certification (operator ID, date / time, assets, …) by tags or labels reading (NFC, RFID, QR code, bar code)
  • Localization and Tracking

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