Project Description


TSM is the system for roadside assistance management.

It allows the automatic  management of the entire operating process, in particular:

  • Help calls acknowledge
  • Optimized dispatching according to the actual location of emergency vehicles and workshops
  • Management of the missions acceptance / rejection by the field operators
  • Mission support and management in every operational phase
  • Intervention closing and filing
  • Real-time and final monitoring of the provided service

In addition to the above, other value-added features within the mission management are available such as:

  • Intervention related photos acquisition
  • Vehicle diagnostics data acquisition via EOBD, massive storage and fault codes display
  • Digital forms management with signature acquisition possibilities (also graphometric)
  • Payments management via mobile device

TSM  is able to integrate with already operating customer contact centers systems, in a way that does not change the normal operation of the call-center staff.

The system involves the use of mobile devices (industrial PDAs or consumer smartphones) for on field operational management. Rescue vehicles can also be equipped with geographical tracking devices, integrated to the system.

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