South Africa is one of the “BRICS” countries where the growth rate of electrification with renewable energies is higher. And it is precisely from South Africa, where the TerniEnergia Group that controls Softeco has created “giant” photovoltaic plants, part of Sundrone’s promotion and marketing activity and of PVInspector proprietary software, developed by Softeco for semi-automated analysis of inspections visual and thermographic images of the solar farms.

From 14 to 16 May, in fact, Sundrone (59% controlled by Softeco Sismat) will participate in the African Utility Week 2019 in Cape Town (South Africa), the main event on the African continent dedicated to the main companies and experts of the entire chains of the value of energy, renewable energy and water.

Sundrone (which will be at stand N8) will present its innovative service for proactive and predictive operation and maintenance of photovoltaic plants of industrial size. The close collaboration with Softeco has allowed the company to better develop the proprietary PVInspector software, used exclusively by Sundrone for advanced maintenance activities (proactive and predictive) of large photovoltaic plants.

In fact, Sundrone proposes to an emerging market such as aerial inspections with drones, the results achieved with the PV Inspector’s experimentation on a portfolio of plants managed by TerniEnergia and which counts, overall, a good 283 MW of solar energy production plants, on its own behalf and on behalf of third parties, including internationally.