• • The business branch rental will run for 5 months and includes a monthly fee of Euro 500 for PersonalBus and Tow Services Aci
  • Know-how, software and equipment, trademarks, contracts and 5 employees pass to BlueCube

algoWatt S.p.A., a company in judicial liquidation listed on the Euronext Milan market of the Italian Stock Exchange, announces that the liquidators, Mr. Vincenzo Tartaro and Mr. Carlo Pagliughi, have signed (pursuant to Article 212 of the CCII) a contract for the business branch rental (“the transaction”) named “Green Mobility” (“the company branch”) to the company BlueCube Srl. The transaction provides for the payment of a monthly fee of EUR 500 (five hundred), will last five (5) months, and includes the services “Personal Bus” (public transport logistics in some Italian municipalities) and “Tow Services Aci” (Aci roadside assistance logistics). With the leasing of the business unit, they are transferred to BlueCube Srl:

  • the know-how developed by algoWatt relating to the above-mentioned activities;
  • the equipment and application software covered by green mobility services;
  • the use of trademarks inherent to the solutions included in the business unit;
  • contracts with customers and suppliers and, finally,
  • the employment contracts relating to five highly professionalized algoWatt employees.

As part of the transaction, BlueCube Srl has formulated an irrevocable proposal for the purchase of the business unit at a price of Euro 100 thousand (one hundred thousand), the payment of which will be made in full in cash by the date of the deed of sale (subject to the award of the competitive bidding procedure that will be called by the Judicial Liquidation).