Ensuring worker safety on recovery from the health emergency and the lockdown for COVID-19 is one of the main problems for companies, transport operators, large and small construction sites, economic and commercial activities that take place in closed spaces.

algoWatt has a solution ready, developed in partnership with the innovative startup Reios Srl, to guarantee the monitoring of movements in areas at risk of contact and to guarantee the social distancing of workers, without privacy problems.

The BUBBLE GAP system is simple, reliable, scalable and does not require the use of smartphones and personal devices or to download apps at risk of hacking or exchange of sensitive data.

Bubble Gap is based on the use of company badges equipped with bluetooth and wi-fi sensors, which allow you to receive and send signals within a mesh network. In short, it is a network of wireless sensors for the Internet of Things, in which badges function as “indicators” for positioning the worker in the closed space and as virtual and digital “spacers”.

When Bubble Gap is activated in a production line, in an office, in a shop, in a construction site, the worker badge anonymously monitors the journeys of movement within the company, sending a signal via wi-fi with anonymised code to a cloud server, which with a data analytics system returns historical reports and alers to the management on risk areas for decision support. In this way, personnel managers and company management can re-engineer the organization of work by reducing the risks of contact.

In addition, thanks to bluetooth sensors, it is possible to monitor social distancing by obtaining safety alerts (sound, LED and / or vibration) if the space between 2 workers is less than 2 meters.

So the Bubble Gap system is the ideal answer to the issue of safety at work.

Does not follow the movements of a positive person at COVID-19 and does not warn those close to him, does not use GPS and does not monitor movements outside the company, does not measure employee productivity (see the case of union protests for bracelets in a giant of logistics and ecommerce).

Having obtained the informed consent of the employee, Bubble Gap has no implication with the privacy regulations and does not exchange sensitive data.

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