TerniEnergia, smart company listed on MTA of Borsa Italiana and part of the Italeaf Group, announces that Softeco Sismat, the Group’s digital company, will coordinate the e-Scale project for the development of innovative solutions for new operators in the electricity market, in particular the “Balancing Service Provider”.

The e-Scale project is co-financed by the Lazio Region for a total of Euro 258thousand, of which Euro 138thousand as part of the activities carried out by Softeco itself. Today, the memorandum of association of the temporary association for this purpose (ATS) was signed between Softeco, Roma Gas & Power and the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, which are the partners of the research activity.

The project will lead to the development and validation of a solution called BSP (Balancing Service Provider), which will allow the flexible and optimal management of “Virtual Power Plant” (VPP) with generation, consumption and storage systems, optimizing the use of renewable resources and reducing costs for the community.

The participation in the project of a market operator such as Roma Gas & Power will allow to overcome the simulation and prototyping phase to validate the solutions in a concrete operational and commercial context, in order to produce results capable of rapidly accessing the phase of industrialization and commercialization.

The provision of services to the electricity system through aggregation is, in fact, one of the main ways to concretely support the growth of generation from renewable sources, increasing the flexibility of the electricity system as required by recent developments in European and Italian legislation.

With the coordination of this new initiative Softeco Sismat further enhances a bouquet of R&D projects in the context of energy transition, confirming its role as a benchmark for research activities with high added value on digital energy issues.