As part of the “Lazio2030: together to innovate” event to be held in Rome on 4 July, Softeco will receive an award for the support given to the region to invest in research and innovation.

The Lazio region has invested over 300 million euros in recent years to support the innovative enterprise, the dialogue between university and business, the growth of startups: in this way it aims to strengthen the competitiveness of the territory and to promote the path of modernization.

Softeco is one of the winners of the calls of the POR FESR 2014-2020 with two active projects, PASSIAMO and e-SCALE.

PASSIAMO (Open Sustainable Secure Intelligent and Active Platform for Mobility) is the project that aims at the realization of an ICT platform for the creation of services for sustainable mobility and efficiency of goods mobility processes.

The objective of the e-SCALE research project is the study and development of innovative operational solutions for the Balancing Service Providers, which allow flexible and optimal management of the Virtual Power Plant (VPP).

Both projects were co-financed by the Lazio Region following the awarding of the relative calls.