• Funded by the European Commission, the “Trustonomy” project to increase security, confidence and acceptance of Autonomous Driving
  • The Consortium, coordinated by Softeco Sismat, is made up of industrial partners, car manufacturers, research centres and universities, non-profit organisations and technology suppliers.
  • The total financing obtained amounts to over Euro 3.9 million, of which Euro 0.52 million related to the activities carried out by the digital company of the TerniEnergia Group.


TerniEnergia, a smart company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange’s electronic share market (MTA) and part of the Italeaf Group, announces that Softeco Sismat Srl, the Group’s digital company, will coordinate the “Trustonomy” project on self-driven cars and vehicles.

The vision of the project, funded by the European Commission, is to increase the safety, confidence and acceptance of self-driving vehicles, helping to address the technological challenges and application scenarios, through an integrated and interdisciplinary approach.

The Trustonomy project, bringing domain experts and ordinary citizens to work closely together, will investigate, setup, test and comparatively assess, in terms of performance, ethics and acceptability, different relevant technologies and approaches in a variety of autonomous driving and RtI scenarios, covering different types of users (in terms of age, gender, driving experience, etc.), road transport modes (private cars, trucks, buses), levels of automation (L3 – L5), driving conditions, etc..

The interdisciplinary nature of the consortium ensures cross-contamination and the right combination of expertise in all relevant scientific fields, ranging from psychology and driver behaviour/attitude analysis to driving status monitoring, from driver training to driver performance assessment, from HMI design to risk analysis models, from statistical inference and automatic learning to automotive solution testing, from professional driver data collection and analysis to telematic solutions, up to large next-generation data platforms. In addition, the balanced composition of the consortium in terms of stakeholder representation will allow a comprehensive evaluation of the project results from multiple perspectives, including scientific analysis (universities, research centers), operational evaluation (car manufacturers) and business opportunities (technology providers, associations).

The Consortium is composed of industrial partners such as Intrasoft (LUX), Vodafone Innovus (GRE), Solaris (POL) and Scania (ITA), as well as the Group’s own digital company, and research centres such as ITS (POL), IFSTTAR (FRA) and CSIC (SPA), Universities such as Leeds (UK) and Patras (GRE), small and medium-sized enterprises such as Aitek (ITA), Catalink (CYP), Robocar and Stowarzyszenie Autoklub Poznanski Octavius (POL) and, finally, non-profit organisations such as Työtehoseura (FIN) and TTS Italia (ITA).

The financing confirms the constant commitment of the company in the development of innovative solutions in emerging technological fields such as Automous Driving and in the continuous technological transfer of solutions for its customers. The sector of sustainable and alternative mobility (Green Mobility), in which Softeco already offers a wide range of solutions into an area of growing interest for mobility operators and administrations involved in the development of solutions for the smart city, is one of the application areas of digital systems in which the company is an innovative player.