• The agreement for a total value of approximately Euro 2 million will involve the Group’s digital company in a two-year project to reorganise the Villa San Giovanni port terminal and build a new plant in Villa Agip.
  • I twill be provided for the implementation of ticket sales and automatic toll payment systems and the integration of vehicle access control systems.
  • Recognized the efficiency of the Adverto remote control platform, proprietary multi-role technology, as well as the Group’s experience in the Smart Solutions and Services sector


TerniEnergia, a company listed on the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange and part of the Italeaf Group, announces that the Group’s digital company Softeco Sismat has today signed a contract with Caronte & Tourist, leader in maritime connections to and from Sicily to Central Italy, for the development of a project to reorganise the Villa San Giovanni port terminal and the construction of a ticketing system at Villa Agip and connected automation.

The contract provides solutions for ticketing, payment of tolls (smart payment) and access control for vehicle routing for a total amount of approximately Euro 2 million.

The CEO of Softeco Sismat and Executive Director of TerniEnergia, Laura Bizzarri, said:

“The award of the contract with a client qualified as Caronte & Tourist, with one of the most efficient fleets in Europe, testifies to the acknowledged competence of the TerniEnergia Group as “technological enabler” in the Smart Solutions and Services sector for the smart mobility sector, as stated in the strategic guidelines presented to the market on 29 September 2017”.

The solutions developed by Softeco Sismat and based on the Adverto remote control system, the Group’s proprietary technology, which has already been consolidated and operational for over 10 years in heterogeneous application contexts, envisage the activation of ticket sales systems for travel tickets, automatic payment of tolls and integrate complex access and transit management systems and automatic control of technological systems on field. All the systems in place will be integrated into a single remote control platform that will allow automatic interaction between them and monitoring of the entire system.

The aim of the project is to automate and speed up toll payment and embarkation processes, thereby optimising resources and operational management costs.

All the technological components proposed in the project by Softeco Sismat, which has been operating for over 30 years in the industrial automation sector, are positioned as leading technologies in the national and international field for this type of application.