Sustainable mobility is a topic on which we are studying and debating a lot: in a historical and social moment in which safety and environmental protection has become a priority, all solutions that can impact as little as possible on the environmental status become priorities.

The movement of goods and people is constantly growing and we must aim for a rationalization of transport systems that can respond to economic, social and environmental needs. Sustainable mobility meets these needs.

With the seminar “Sustainable mobility, state of the art and perspectives” organized by AEIT Ligure Section – Italian Association of Electrotechnics, Electronics, Automation, Computer Science and Telecommunications – we want to take stock of the situation, analyzing the current status and predicting its future developments. Softeco, which has been developing solutions for smarter, digital and green mobility for years, will propose an intervention entitled “From infrastructure to services: Mobility-as-a-Service, an enabler for electric mobility”.