The GeTUP Green MaaS for adapTive Urban Planning project, coordinated by AlgoWatt, receives recognition as part of the 2021 Mobility Awardpromoted by AeSS Agency for Sustainable Development in the “Research and Technological Innovation” section. The “Special Mention” concerns the urban mobility solutions that will be implemented as part of the project in relation to the theme “Social inclusion”.

With reference to the issue of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), the project aims to develop and test innovative solutions also from the point of view of usability and the creation of highly accessible services for specific users. In particular, in collaboration with AMT, a partner of the project, an innovative service called “Silver Bus” will be tested, aimed at facilitating access to healthcare facilities for elderly users through dedicated Call Transport services.

GeTUP also studies the possibility of proposing specific tailor-made services equipped with interfaces capable of adapting to the characteristics and needs of the user to improve the usability of applications, facilitate the use of the MaaS platform and finally significantly increase accessibility to the services of mobility guaranteeing a fundamental right of citizens.

The service offer proposed and accessible through the GetUp App is customized according to advanced profiling systems that adapt to the capabilities and characteristics of the user. The logics of use of the services make use of automatic learning technologies of the typical choices of the user and of adaptive interfaces, to facilitate the user / platform dialogue and customize the response of the system to specific needs.

In addition to the algoWatt Coordinator and the local public transport company of Genoa AMT, 5 SMEs (On Air srl; Exis Solutions Srl; Cleis srl; IROI srl; Flairbit srl) and some research institutions participate in the project.

The project, financed by Filse Liguria Region out of ERDF Community funds, as part of the Axis 1 Regional Operational Plan “Research and Innovation”, will receive recognition during the award ceremony at the Ferrari Museum – MEF in Modena.