Innovative mobility and sustainability in transport are among the main focuses of Softeco Sismat’s core business. In fact, digital transformation is impacting heavily on all areas of mobility, requiring new and more advanced operational tools and policies.

It is therefore essential for the Company to obtain, from the European Commission through the Joint Research Center (JRC) of Ispra, the contract renewal for the continuation of the services related to the ECCAIRS project, a system for the analysis of accidents in transport developed precisely from Softeco Sismat.

The ECCAIRS Reporting System is a software suite composed of different applications, with advanced features designed to assist national and European transport organizations in collecting, sharing and analyzing their security information in order to improve public transport security. Born specifically for the Aviation domain, over the years it has also been used in other areas (Maritime and Railway), through the development of the ERAIL portal for the European Railway Agency (ERA) and the consolidation of the EMCIP portal, used by almost 30 organizations to report accidents in the maritime sector.

The contractual extension will allow the expansion and consolidation of the numerous features of the system, implementing technological developments both in the desktop and web environment.