With the release of some important updates of its Personalbus technology platform, Softeco consolidates its collaboration with ATM to support the operation of the “on-demand” Radiobus service in the neighborhood (Radiobus di Quartiere). Active since 2010 in 15 neighborhoods of the Milan urban area, Radiobus ATM was recently enhanced by ATM through the integration of new booking features in the official service app. This new possibility contributes to facilitating even more access to the service, offering those who move in the Radiobus areas a simple and immediate way to book a trip, receive a booking confirmation and monitor the status of their requests.

The platform for on-demand mobility management

Leader in the market of flexible transport management solutions, now in use in various Italian and foreign cities and regions, Personalbus offers a modular and adaptable solution capable of effectively responding to the needs of every operator of an on-demand collective transport service . Thanks to integrated optimization algorithms, the system allows you to create dynamic, shortest route to meet the demands of users with personalized services and quality, contributing to reducing travel and promoting the reduction of traffic and pollution associated with it.

Through Personalbus it is possible to manage the entire on-demand collective transport operating cycle. From the coordination of reservations to the planning and optimization of the rides, to the monitoring of the fleet of vehicles, up to the dynamic modification of the rides according to the requests of the users. By means of an on-board terminal, the driver can dynamically receive the plan of the journey to be made, with the detailed sequence of the stops for ascending and descending passengers, the route and the relative times. This plan is updated in real time to deal with new travel requests and optimize rides.

The new rides planning engine

Thanks to a totally revamped ride planning engine, Personalbus is now able to also offer fully automatic management of users’ travel requests. Travel requests generated via Apps or devices on the road (for example totems or call points) are processed by the system in a completely automatic way without the need to use a call center, guaranteeing taking charge of the request, programming and proposition of the ride to the user, the management of the confirmation and the sending of the vehicle to the requested stop.