June 18 Softeco participates in Enermanagement XI, the event on Energy Management, with an intervention on energy efficiency.

Thanks to the experience gained in the energy management sector, with the creation of solutions aimed at energy efficiency and the control of energy costs, Softeco will present a speech entitled “Smart Readiness Indicator: integrated solutions for buildings, occupants and eletricity grid”. In the report, held by CTO Gianni Viano, the opportunities offered by the introduction of the Smart Readiness Indicator will be analyzed, proposing an integrated vision of energy efficiency issues in the more general context of flexible management of energy resources.

Enermanagement, which will be held in Milan, is aimed at figures such as energy managers, ESCOs, utilities, EGEs and other stakeholders who want to get informed and keep up-to-date on the issues of the energy world. Softeco will be available at its stand to explain to the participants the innovative solutions related to the optimal management of the entire energy supply chain, namely the BEMS – Building Energy Management System – including products such as ESOS, RTU-GO, Teneo, Adverto, Energy Data Manager.