From May 28 to 30 the first International Conference on Energy Transition in the Mediterranean Area will be held in Cagliari and Softeco will participate in the event with an intervention by Giulia Troglio, in which the Libra solution will be illustrated.

Lo speech, dal titolo “LIBRA: a cloud-based platform for production and load aggregation”, tratterà l’evoluzione del mercato elettrico, che ha portato alla nascita della figura dell’aggregatore, per concludere con una descrizione del sistema realizzato da Softeco.

Libra is a technological platform designed for the management of distributed resources (including distributed generation units, storage systems and controllable loads) for the provision of aggregation services, with an IOT-oriented approach. The system allows you to store the measurements collected from the field, communicate with the transmission network operator (Terna in the Italian case) and modulate energy consumption and production. Libra is also able to interact with the ScWeb system for the supply of economic services for the formulation of offers on the electricity market (bidding).

The SyNERGY MED is the reference forum for round tables and discussions between researchers, managers, regional and local authorities, renewable energy actors interested in the challenges of energy technology. The 2019 edition aims to provide participants with advantages in terms of knowledge and updating on topics of interest for the upcoming energy challenges. The aim is to launch a series of interesting meetings, which will provide ideas and information on how to deal with the vast technological changes brought about by the energy transition in all areas of the business.

Softeco intends to participate in the forefront of technological evolution, constantly updating its offers and products based on the needs of an increasingly demanding, dynamic and ever-changing market.