Third team building evening for Softeco. This time the employees of the Genoa office were involved, gathered for an aperitif in the evocative location of the “Porto Antico”.

After the events in Milan and Catania the Genoa colleagues met together with the executives for an informal drink, outside the usual work environment: an opportunity to deepen knowledge, to network and get to know each other in a different light.

Sun, toast and entertainment were the protagonists of the event, which also saw the awarding of Commissioning Engineers Francesco Repetto and Daniele Smoquina, for having succeeded in exceeding the set work objectives. A way to recognize the efforts of employees who contribute to the success and prestige of Softeco.

The evening continued with games designed specifically to strengthen teamwork and the links between colleagues: the strategy of the team game is the best way to experience an enjoyable cohesion experience and understand how satisfying it is to work in pleasant relational contexts.

Even this evening, like the previous ones, proved to be a success, to the great satisfaction of all the participants.