Speed ​​up the management of multi-utility business processes

Softeco has developed and markets the Energy R.evolution BILLING suite. The product is designed specifically for the free energy market and allows the management of all aspects of the procurement and sale of electricity and gas.
The Energy R.evolution BILLING suite supports all Billing and Trading illing activities in an integrated and modular manner.
It allows the management of the trading, opening, control and invoicing activities of all types of electricity and gas supply contracts, expressly designed for the free market.
The system is characterized by a high degree of flexibility, which allows the management of the various formats of consumption data coming from the various Distributors, covering all the different contractual cases and incorporating the continuous regulatory changes.
The product is based on a modular architecture, which includes several interfaces that can automate the dialogue with the various players in the energy market.

Why choose Energy R.evolution BILLING:

  • Over 10 years of market experience in metering, billing and trading processes
  • Interfacing with information systems of the authorities (SII, ARERA, GSE, Terna …)
  • Simulated billing scenarios
  • High automation of business processes
  • Compatible with cloud and on premise infrastructures



  • Configuration of system management parameters.
  • Update and alignment with the legislation.
  • Access to the profiled portal by user type (business / end customer)
  • Data Warehouse exhibition for analysis and reporting


  • Master Data Management
  • Billing of electricity and gas
  • Simulated billing scenarios
  • Mailing Management, Electronic Billing
  • Management of accounting movements, reminders and repayment plans


  • Metering management
  • Passive Invoices Management (Transport, Connection, Bonus, CTS, CMOR)


  • Integrated Information System (SII)
  • Local Distributors
  • Data preparation for communication with other organizations (ARERA. CUSTOMS)


  • Prepared for integration with third-party CRM systems
  • Prepared for management of flows to third-party accounting systems