algoWatt has created a series of solutions for traffic management and for road and environment safety. In particular we offer solutions for the management and control of the technological infrastructure and roads, with particular attention to safety aspects.

In addition to the IP network platforms, able to communicate and interact with different devices, allowing monitoring and control of assets and infrastructure areas (traffic flows, traffic, video surveillance, equipment and technological systems monitoring), the algoWatt solutions allow efficient management of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of such systems.

The offer is completed by solutions for roadside assistance management (service control, missions dispatching, operational support, reporting) and for accidents analysis (data acquisition, analysis and reporting).

Among the solutions realized by algoWatt there are:

  • Monitoring and control platforms on an IP network
  • Traffic and flow control
  • Video surveillance
  • Roadside assistance management
  • Asset Management
  • Incidentality Analysis