algoWatt’s decades of experience in the field of solutions for energy distribution networks stems from the constant collaboration of its highly qualified technicians with the customers with whom the Telecontrol system of the Italian distribution network was created and designed.

Distribution represents the final phase in the process of delivering electricity to the end user after production and transmission. It is carried out through a typical network infrastructure (the electrical distribution network) widespread up to users or end users.

The main skills in the electrical distribution sector concern:

Applications for the support of operators to run the national distribution network. These applications allow you to view the topological diagrams of the Telecontrol System through a standard format, automatically updating the diagrams for each physical change of the network.

Customer services
Information services to support customers of the distribution network, the main functionalities implemented are:

  • Representation of the state of the Medium Voltage distribution network on geographic maps
  • Visualization in real time of the power supply status of the network
    Real-time display of the connection status of the network
  • Monitoring of disconnected Voltage and Low Voltage users
  • Interface systems between the distribution system (Medium Voltage network) and the remote management system (Low Voltage network) to predict user fraud situations.
  • Interrogation of Low Voltage equipment for energy balance requirements with representation of interruptions, consumption, and load curves.
  • System for detecting line breaks and break-ins (copper theft)
  • Planning and Maintenance

Supporting and forecasting software applications and services with the following features:

  • Electronic management of Work Plans for the prevention of electrical risk
  • Integration in the Work Plans of the topological and plant diagrams obtained directly from the Telecontrol System
  • Creation and Transmission of Notice to Customers
  • Predictive Maintenance Systems of the Network Assets

Quality of service

Systems for monitoring network parameters to guarantee a quality of the distribution service in line with the parameters of the laws and regulations of the sector:

  • Management and forecasting of Distributed Generation
  • Monitoring and forecasting of the Active Power generated, according to the current network set-up.
  • Acquisition, calculation and presentation of average values, acquired and / or calculated also in comparison with one another, for one or more time periods
  • Archiving and processing of measurement data of the Quality of the Voltage on the nodes of the MV distribution network, according to the indicators provided for by Resolution ARG 198/1 on the monitoring of the quality of the voltage