The Internet of things is the main factor of development that contributes to the growth of “Connected Economy”, an economic system that redefines cultural, social and economic aspects thanks to a networked connection between the real world and the virtual one.

Intelligent use of data and network produce significant changes in the delivery of services to citizens, the organization of work, in the enjoyment of goods and in many other areas of the Services and Industry.

According to a common definition “The Internet of Things is a concept by which any object can connect to Internet to acquire information and thus strengthen his own intrinsic value

Examples of products typologies that can be classified as “Internet of things” are:

  • Systems and network services enablers
  • Communication devices (phones, PCs and smart TV)
  • Machine-to-machine (M2M)
  • Internet of Objects (IoO), that includes everything that is able to connect to Internet using network services enablers

One can easily imagine which are the growth rates of these applications if we consider that today, more than 50% of people and 99% of the objects on the planet are not connected.

Internet of things will change the design of objects or services, and will contribute to the transformation and improvement both of production systems and of the customer experience.

algoWatt Group companies are engaged and work on these technologies and with these technologies, thanks to their base knowledge (Human Machine Interface, protocol development, device integration, supervision systems, …) and to the development of integrated smart solutions for Energy, Homeland Security, Sustainable Mobility, Infomobility, public information, Intelligent Transport Systems, …

algoWatt supports customers by offering technological and process knowledge useful to create solutions that aggregate HW products, SW, access enabling networks and  field devices in a complete solution.