The SCADA EMS (Energy Management Systems) are real-time control systems for the operation of electric transmission networks.

They perform the functions of both high voltage network monitoring and remote control and management. These are complex systems who are entrusted with the management and treatment of massive analytical data streams coming from the network, allowing operators to implement the appropriate control actions. The primary functions, such as adjusting the frequency-power, are carried out independently from the systems that implement the decision algorithms and issue corrective actions to the active elements of the network (ie the power stations or plants).

Our company combines expertise, technologies and a deep experience in implementing  this solutions.

We participated in the implementation of SCADA EMS for the Italian Power Network Operator (now Terna SpA) over the past 20 years, reaching the technical leadership for the engineering of the latest generation of operational systems. The know-how that the consortium is able to express concerns all the components of the system and all levels of project responsibility, including the complex hardware-software architecture (both central and peripheral) and the management of the project, from project specifications, to integration and commissioning.