algoWatt boasts decades of experience in the development and implementation of SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition System) systems, that capitalize on the complexity of projects implemented by Itaco and the vast number and breadth of applications provided by algoWatt .

The solutions can be based both on commercial platforms both or on dedicated solutions and benefit from a wealth of SW and HW products.

The services for monitoring, supervision and management of real-time networks, is the sector that has created most of the know-how and which has fueled the ability to design, develop and integrate systems.

algoWatt is involved into the implementation of the control system of the National Transmission Network, providing Terna SpA skills and products for the development and evolutionary maintenance of the SCADA/EMS control system, the Electric Transport Network Defense System, the Wide Area Measurement system.

The established relationship with Siemens and Enel Distribuzione has allowed to develop skills over the whole of applications affecting the electricity distribution grids.

Remote control offer is completed by our teleoperation peripheral equipments (RTU Remote Terminal Unit).

For integrated water cycle applications we can offer solutions for monitoring, remote control and management of the various stages of the water cycle, integrating our RTU and our gateway concentrators, with supervision centers based on market technologies.

The field of application of the solutions is completed by the building automation sector and by the industrial automation sector in which projects of primary importance can be counted.