In the last four decades we have seen continuous evolution in plant remote control and process automation due to the continuous technological innovation of information processing systems and integration level achieved by electronics.

We have switched from supervision and remote control systems of the early ’80s, using telegraph channels and microprocessor teleoperation equipment, to the latest architectures where communication is based on fiber optic and/or wireless solutions and the level of sophistication of functional devices has reached performance and integration unknown just 10 years ago.

IP technology has replaced the 90s fieldbus and wireless sensor networks enable a capillary level of automation that will permit the development of new services and a more efficient management of systems and processes.

Providing solutions to our customers in this area, main and historical application area of algoWatt, has imposed us to:

  • mastering all the end-to-end skills necessary to carry out a project including TLC component
  • ensure compliance with the standards required by different applications
  • ensure the monitoring of the technology scouting regarding market technologies
  • integrate into our solutions the most advanced HMI techniques
  • • develop specific equipments dedicated to remote monitoring and automation to meet regulatory and performance requirements
  • master the communication protocol component
  • develop flexible human machine interface (HMI) frameworks, that can be configurable and adaptable to different application areas
  • create vertical groups to oversee the process skills relating to different industries