algoWatt offers a suite of solutions for the management, planning and use of intermodal mobility, integrating local, fixed and on-call public transport, public, private or shared fleets, roadside assistance and port terminals. algoWatt guarantees the physical and IT security of critical road networks and creates microgrids and electric mobility systems, at the service of an increasingly electrified, digital, connected and sustainable mobility of people and goods.

Today key factors for the expansion and development of the society in which we live are the intelligent and efficient management of people, goods and information mobility and the precise control of the territory technological infrastructure.

In algoWatt , these factors are held in high regard in the constant research and development that sees the company as a protagonist of the international avant-garde for innovation in these areas.

For smart mobility particularly algoWatt has developed solutions for the environmentally friendly organization and management of services, favoring reduction of traffic, pollution and energy consumption.

The main areas in which the Company operates are:

  • Local Public Transport

  • Flexible Transports and smart Mobility

  • Infomobility

  • Traffic and Safety

  • Logistic

  • Railways and Subways