Smart Grid is a model of management of the power distribution network that autonomously adapts to the changing conditions of production and consumption and manages the flow of energy to ensure safety and profitable economic conditions for all the the electrical system players.

We operates since years in many of the areas that contribute to the realization of a Smart Grid and has developed expertise both for the aspects of the process management and for the technologies to be applied to get the adaptive and intelligent behavior required.

In the area of the electricity distribution network management and transmission, we have developed DMS systems, monitoring systems, supervision and control systems for equipment remote management and for transmission grid monitoring and management.

For the energy management area we have developed products for electricity trading and for the management of energy supply.

Among the most significant projects we can mention:

  • Advanced management systems for networks with high rate of renewable energy (link to project Smartgen)
  • Energy management optimization trough sources and consumption monitoring (link to project Simone)
  • Electric Vehicles integration and management (Link to projects Ecogem, Emerld)