Yesterday afternoon, at the University of Genoa, the final meeting of the project “I want to be a manager!” Was held. On this occasion, certificates of merit were assigned to the students and also to the participating companies, including Softeco, for their contribution to the success of the initiative.

Manageritalia Liguria has launched, with the collaboration of the University of Genoa, the work orientation project, aimed at spreading the managerial culture among young people. The project was supported by Federmanager, Aidp, Ascom – Confcommercio, Confindustria, Cfmt and Job Center. To these were added the companies in the area that have declared themselves open to hosting students.

“I want to be a manager!”, now in its sixth edition, allows the most talented university students to spend three or five days at participating companies, working side by side and trying to learn the know-how of the managers who run them.

Softeco has embraced this initiative for five years: each year it hosted two students from the University of Genoa, who were able to follow the company’s management activities closely for the days available.

This year there are 30 students with access to this initiative, who are assigned to 30 different companies which will be able to offer an internship to the most deserving.

Students participating in this program have the opportunity to understand how effectively a company works from the inside: the hands-on experience is a critical component in training programs.

The advantage in these initiatives is for both parties: students practice in the field, companies have the opportunity to learn about new potential resources. This factor is well understood by Softeco, which has also recently launched its own in-house Academy, aimed in this case at young people interested in the world of information technology and programming. Believing in the potential of young students and recent graduates and in investing in their training by companies, Softeco declares itself well open to projects of this extent.