• Consideration for the transaction, finalized with NextPower II Alpha S.r.l., amounting to approximately Euro 1.3 million; the transaction involves the assumption by the buyer of financial debts related to the plants for about Euro 2 million (relating to the share of TerniEnergia).
  • The company sold owns two PV plants in Puglia with a power of about 0.9 and 1 MW, respectively
  • The payment will be made in cash upon the effectiveness of the attestation of the Plan for the recovery and relaunch of TerniEnergia and to the fulfilment of certain conditions typical for this type of acquisition. The transaction is guaranteed by a credit surety given by the parent company of the buyer, NextPower II Italia S.r.l.


TerniEnergia, a smart company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange’s electronic share market (MTA) and part of the Italeaf Group, announces that today was signed the closing for the sale to NextPower II Alpha S.r.l., an investment vehicle managed by the London merchant bank NextEnergy Capital, of 50% of the shares of the company NextPower II Prima Srl. The joint venture between TerniEnergia and Errenergia, which simultaneously signed the preliminary contract for the sale of its shares to the Purchasers, owns two photovoltaic plants in Puglia for a total installed capacity of about 1.9 MW.

The consideration for the sale of the company’s shares amounts to approximately Euro 1.3 million, while the transaction also provides for the assumption by the Purchasers of financial debts linked to the plants for approximately Euro 2 million (relating to the share of TerniEnergia). NextPower II Italia S.r.l., parent company of the vehicle company that acquired the plants, has given a guarantee of performance by the Buyer. The consideration will be paid in cash on the effectiveness of the certification of the TerniEnergia Recovery and Relaunch Plan, as well as to the fulfilment of certain conditions typical for this type of transaction.

For TerniEnergia, this transaction represents a further step forward in the implementation of the Recovery and Relaunch Plan aimed at completing the repositioning into a smart company and overcoming the current financial tension of the Group, on the basis of the strategic guidelines identified by the Board of Directors.