algoWatt eMIXER multi-channel  platform is able to acquire informations from different area mobility  management, control and supervision systems and to aggregate and evenly distribute the data through various communication channels, facilitating users’ fruition.

eMIXER: a single platform to integrate all mobility management systems, already in place or of future installation

eMIXER is an open platform, designed to easily integrate with external systems. The flexibility of eMIXER guarantees the possibility to obtain information from any system, regardless of the technology used.

Support tools to the users for a better use of the territory

eMIXER provides several tools to assist users in the use of information made available. In addition to automatic notification services that can be activated by users to receive special conditions timely information (RSS, email, SMS, tweet), the platform provides “mobile” geographic applications to support users on the road.

eMIXER perfectly adapts to any architecture already present in the territory and may obtain information from field sensors, data concentrators or supervisory systems, already installed and operational.

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