Food Information and Safeguard of Habitat:
a Sustainable Consumption Approach in Local Environments


By-catch is the fishers’ habit to discard a number of edible species after capture in consideration of their low commercial value, due to the concentration of the commercial demand on a relatively low number of species, which are mostly known to consumers.


Such habit nowadays implies a large waste of fish resources (up to more than 60% of catches), a serious threat for bio-diversity and a cause of fish-stock depletion.

The FISH SCALE project intends stimulate the change of consumers’ attitudes by increasing the knowledge and the appreciation of neglected species (mainly local), activating a virtuous cycle by increasing their demand and commercial value and thus contributing to reduce fish discards and preserve the marine bio-diversity.

In details, FISH SCALE intends to:

  • reduce locally the fish discard by providing at least 15% of the additional species to the distribution and catering market, thus contributing to reduce the fish discard, decrease the overfishing of targeted species and protect sea resources and marine bio-diversity;
  • increase the commercial demand of additional species to start a virtuous cycle that makes the use of these catches profitable for fishers, commercial distribution and consumers;
  • activate the virtuous cycle through:
    • informative and communication campaigns at local and national level addressed to the final consumers and the actors of the supply chain, from production to consumption,
    • demonstration to consumers that the consumption of those species is simple and satisfying and leads to a significant economic saving, and
    • provision of easily accessible consumption and purchase opportunities to consumers with the support of large-scale distribution.
  • sensitize the local distributors and economic operators (including restaurant, hotels, etc.) to the promotion and consumption of less known species through the realisation of events, seminaries and workshops for specific audiences;
  • create a national network gathering the sector’s operators, local institutions, home consumers, large scale distribution, catering and tourist operators for promoting and extending the project approach at national level;
  • promote the change of consumers’ habits on the long period by of educational campaigns addressed to young people to improve the knowledge of the taste and issues of sustainable consumption.

The following messages will be transmitted:

  • the over-exploitation of sea resources is due mainly to the excessive fishing of a few species highly requested on the market, which directly cause the discard of a number of edible species.
  • it is necessary to increase the use of less known species, to safeguard the marine bio-diversity and reduce pressure over target fish stocks;
  • the use of such neglected species is possible, satisfactory and simple like for most of the commonly know species for consumers;
  • sustainable fishing may represent an opportunity of economic growth in specific sectors and according to the proper methods. A commercial offer can be set up to fulfil the request of a new consumer demand supported by promotion actions.


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