The FlexCHESS project – Flexibility services based on Connected and interoperable Hybrid Energy Storage System – funded by the Horizon Europe programme, aims to improve the storage capacity and resilience of smart grids in Europe, thanks to the support of Virtual Energy Storage Systems (VESS).


The FlexCHESS project intends to revolutionize the existing energy storage management paradigms by developing a multilevel flexibility approach based on the Virtual Energy Storage System (VESS) concept capable of storing excess energy through hybrid energy storage systems (HESS ), modifying its architecture and behavior to support the dynamics of production and consumption, climate change and the energy market.

In the intent of the Consortium, FlexCHESS will improve the storage capacity and resilience of smart grids in Europe, thanks to the support that VESS can offer in addressing the uncertainties and weaknesses related to the broad integration of non-programmable renewable sources. Based on the aggregation of Connected Hybrid Energy Storage System (CHESS), FlexCHESS improves the grid stability while increasing the profitability of its installations by guaranteeing various ancillary services at the distribution and transmission network levels.

FlexCHESS will release a scalable and configurable Open Flexibility Platform (OFP) to facilitate the aggregation of different ESS technologies. La OFP sarà alimentata, tra le altre cose, da un Digital Twin completo a supporto dei processi decisionali preposti all’integrazione di nuove risorse nel VESS. algoWatt will coordinate the activities involved in the implementation and integration of the intelligent functions of the OFP, to provide a complete set of differentiated and complementary services focused on maximizing and optimizing the flexibility offered by the VESSs. In order to validate and evaluate the proposed technological solutions, demonstration activities are planned in five representative pilot sites with different and significant characteristics.

The FlexCHESS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under Grant Agreement n. 101096946.


Flex CHESS is coordinated by Universite D’aix Marseille (AMU) and sees the participation of 10 partners including energy companies, utilities, research centers and universities:

  • algoWatt Spa
  • Arcelik A.S.
  • Elektro Ljubljana Podjetje Zadistribucijo Elektricne Energije D.D.
  • C.I.P. Citizens In Power
  • La Solar Energia Sociedad Cooperativa
  • My Energia Oner Sl
  • Università Degli Studi Di Genova
  • Uludag Elektrik Dagitim Anonim Sirkketi


  • Toshiba Europe Limited
  • Cardiff University



Universite D’aix Marseille


Horizon Europe


36 months