algoWatt is the owner of the biodigester of Nera Montoro (TR) which treats every year a maximum of 43,500 tons of organic fraction of municipal solid waste and / or other matrices organic. The plant is managed by GreenASM Srl a JV between ASM Terni SpA and Buttol Srl. The energy recovered from biogas production is around 5 GWh / year, thanks to an average production of 3.8 million cubic meters of biogas, with a recovery rate of 211 cubic meters of gas per tonne of refusal. On the other hand, aerobic treatment results in quality compost to be used in agriculture and gray compost for the reorganization of environmental emergencies. Each year, thanks to the recycling of waste with the most advanced anaerobic and composting biodigestion technologies, we save 2,400,000 tons of CO2, reducing the consumption of soil for disposal, reducing the transport of materials and producing renewable energy and soil improvers for agricultural activity or the re-organization of compromised sites (landfills or quarries).