The MASTERPIECE project (Multidisciplinary Approaches and Software Technologies for Engagement, Recruitment and Participation in Innovative Energy Communities in Europe) is funded under the programme Horizon Europe.


MASTERPIECE aims at creating a digital coordination and cooperation arena that will facilitate the creation and operation of energy communities throughout Europe. The facilities given to members of the community to contribute to services and other developments will represent the distinction of the solution offered in this proposal, making it participative-by-design. The project will follow a phased implementation approach, using use cases with different maturity and technology readiness levels, to validate and evaluate the proposed innovations, it will leverage the participation of 4 pilot sites in different geographies and within different operational frameworks /politicians (France, Italy, Sweden and Turkey). As part of the project, algoWatt is leading the activities aimed at developing tools, in line with the product development roadmaps for business solutions in the specific context (, to:

  • Interactive decision-support simulations for sustainable energy investments in renewable energy communities;
  • Governance, management and operation of heterogeneous renewable energy communities.

The objectives of the project are:

  • to develop technical and social innovations to empower traditional energy consumers and to make them active agents of collaborative energy communities, paving the way towards a new energy market paradigm;
  • to create user-centric solutions that are based on participatory approaches such as co-creation and naturally accelerate citizens’ involvement;
  • to propose new business strategies and incentive mechanisms that activate the reactions of market participants craving for business opportunities that imply energy use and cost reduction;
  • to configure a standardised and sound cyber-security infrastructure so the active citizens are protected against cyber-attacks, at the same time that privacy is defended in accordance with the revised EPBD and the GDPR law; and
  • to demonstrate the applicability and replicability of methodological, technical and business innovations in a variety of real life pilots in different geographical locations, with heterogeneous social and economic environments and different regulatory/administrative frameworks.

The MASTERPIECE project has received total investments of around Euro 7 million, of which Euro 6 million from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under Grant Agreement no. 101096836.


The MASTERPIECE project is coordinated by the Universidad de Murcia (ES) and sees the participation of 18 partners:

  • algoWatt Spa
  • Ethniko Kentro Erevnas Kai Technologikis Anaptyxis
  • R2M Solution SRL
  • Odin Solutions sociedad limitada
  • Troya Genc Cevre Dernegi
  • Uludag Elektrik Dagitim Anonim Sirkketi
  • Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi
  • Sustainable Innovation I Sverige Ab
  • Universite D’Aix Marseille
  • ACEA Produzione Spa
  • Grid Ability Scarl
  • Uppsala Kommun
  • Agence Locale de L’Energie et du Climat
  • Comune di Berchidda
  • Plate-Forme Efficacite Energetique Seine Aval


  • Experientia Global SA



Universidad de Murcia


Horizon Europe


42 months