Experimentation for Softeco workers and management was a success. And now the “agile work” becomes a stable organizational model for the next three years, after the agreement signed recently at the headquarters of Confindustria Genova between the CEO, Laura Bizzarri, management of human resources and the delegation of the organizations union.

The three-month trial demonstrated how the new managerial philosophy, based on giving people back flexibility and autonomy in the choice of spaces, schedules and tools, has led to greater responsibility for results. In other words, a qualitative leap in corporate welfare and an element of growth for the business. The new agreement, which will last 3 years, provides for the possibility of working in “smart working” mode for a maximum of 8 days per month. The company has assured that in no way will the time flexibilities currently in use be less.

As told in its July 31st edition, Il Sole 24 Ore, the city of Genoa “is the subject of a study by the Enea agency for the use of smart working as a tool to prevent damage to health and life and decongestion citizen in the event of catastrophic or climatic events. The Municipality has developed a system to use smart working in the event of a red alert for bad weather or other events, which makes it possible to use forms of work that are agile to those employees (the so-called red workers) who, in the event of an alarm, would be forced to abstain from work. The day of forced abstention from work can be replaced by smart working by making, for example, previously organized online training accessible to workers “.