Availability of resources, costs and customer needs are elements to consider when thinking about a sustainable building. Thanks to a detailed approach adapted to the characteristics of the building, to the calculation of strategic KPIs and the use of the most innovative technologies, we can provide products and services to reduce the consumption of energy, water and gas. The BEMS solution is an example.

ER BEMS is Softeco’s Building Energy Management System for the Smart Building sector. The system allows the monitoring and management of technological systems to optimize consumption and improve the perception of comfort in the environments.

ER BEMS is a modular and multi-context solution: for monitoring consumption (ESOS); for cost analysis and timely verification of energy bill billing (EDM); for the automation of technological systems, with advanced centralized coordination functions, which allow levels of precision and completeness that guarantee high energy performance (ADVERTO).

ESOS (Energy Smart Optimization System) is algoWatt’s solution for monitoring and analyzing energy consumption in commercial, industrial and service buildings. ESOS is the ideal solution for a complex multi-site system including loads of different nature. generation and accumulation and real-time monitoring, control and technical and administrative management of multi-source energy consumption (electricity, gas and water), together with the related costs.

ESOS allows the historicization of consumption data and the parameters associated with them, for analysis activities, energy balance and support for energy audits, also from an IS050001 perspective. ESOS relates the data collected by the instrumentation in the field with exogenous parameters – acquired by instrumentation or entered by the user – to calculate Key Performance indicators (KPIs), which allow to evaluate the energy behavior of the structure and its evolution over time, supporting both energy optimization and maintenance intervention planning.


EDM is algoWatt’s solution for the management and control of consumption and expenditure data of energy carriers, with the invoice recalculation based on contractual data.
Through the acquisition of consumption data from suppliers / distributors, contractual data and invoices acquired by the Customer it is possible:

  • analyze the consumption for each POD / PDR on different time scales;
  • aggregate consumption data on Cost Centers on different time scales;
  • revise the costs, through the recalculation of the invoice based on the data contained therein and on the basis of the contractual specifications;
  • make a comparison between the invoice issued and the recalculation;
  • provide consumption comparison reports with historical data;
  • provide customized reports based on system variables.


ADVERTO is algoWatt’s solution for the supervision, control and intelligent integration of heterogeneous technological environments. The system is able to communicate and interact with different devices through an IP network, allowing the monitoring and control of assets, infrastructures and areas. ADVERTO is a general purpose, flexible and scalable supervision and remote control system, independent of the field, which allows the integration of various technologies.

ADVERTO communicates directly with intelligent field devices using BACNET, MODBUS, SNMP, FTP, etc. and allows you to represent the registry of the plant and / or organizational structure on cartographic maps (Google Maps, Google Earth, Open Street Map).

rtu-goRTu-GO is the algoWatt hardware product used to create integrated systems and solutions for every application need, in the sectors of industry, infrastructure, real estate and utilities. The hardware technology is modular, compact and reliable. RTu-GO was conceived with the aim of flexibility, both in terms of application areas and in terms of quality and type of field points managed. The device consists of a communication and data processing module and 4 different Input / Output modules. The dimensions contained by the various modules make it possible to offer customers customized and simple to configure solutions. The mechanism used, which includes a quick coupling and release mechanism of the modules to the DIN rail and removable terminals for the wiring, allows the replacement, addition and extraction of modules that make up the solution supplied quickly, without switching off the system and without wiring operations.