TerniEnergia, smart company listed on the MTA of the Italian Stock Exchange and part of the Italeaf Group,  announces that today it has received information from Ecopneus about the decision taken by the same Consortium for the tracing, collection, treatment and final destination of End-of-Life Tyres to exclude the company from tenders with electronic negotiation for the shredding of ELTs for the period 2019-2021.

TerniEnergia, pointing out to be the player that in Italy has made the largest investments in this sector and to represent, with specialisation and plants in operation at Borgo Val di Taro (PR) and Nera Montoro (TR), the only operator with large size company, notes that this communication is completely arbitrary and clearly contrary to the general and mandatory principles of equal treatment between competitors and the regular, transparent and impartial conduct of the same tenders. It should also be noted that the Ecopneus Consortium plays a dominant role in the regulated sector, with the power to distort competition, determining, on the basis of unilateral and unjustified decisions, the exclusion of a company such as TerniEnergia from the sector itself.

The Company will therefore take all steps in court to protect itself, will take legal action to restore its rights and for any compensation for damages suffered and to be suffered and, even before that, will contact the European Commissioner for Competition and the Antitrust Authority.