We believe in digitalization and in its benefits in many application sectors, with a particular attention for the industrial automation and control system sector we know well since 1979. The upcoming Industry4.0 wave finds us prepared in leveraging our know-how to support the smart factory in different ways: from Smart Production (with new technologies that make operator, machines and tools better interoperate) through Smart Energy (to create more efficient systems and reducing energy waste) up to Smart Services (with seamless integration of systems, facilities and workers) .
Industry4.0 is where boundaries between research and production blur, enabling a continuous flow of innovation from and to the workplace, thanks to a careful blend of sound industrial process know-how and disruptive technologies, such as addictive manufacturing, augmented reality, cloud architectures, big data analytics and proactive maintenance.
Research projects allow us to experiment and validate new solutions and new technologies, that we finally integrate in our portfolio of services and products for our industrial customers. Old territory, new ways. Since 1979.