go smart

Intelligent and efficient management of people’s mobility

go-smart 2.0

GO SMART 2.0 studies and designs new ICT models, services and applications constituting an innovative platform for monitoring and managing urban mobility processes, in real application scenarios within the metropolitan area of ​​Genoa. The project is aimed at achieving significant improvements in terms of sustainability, efficiency and safety of the transport system.


To define and experimentally validate a modular, scalable and open infrastructure (as it is equipped with customized application interfaces on standards) that constitutes an interoperable component in the wider context of an infrastructure for the governance of the smart city.

algoWatt will have the role of coordinator of the GoSmart project and of main developer of the technologies envisaged in the project together with subjects such as TBridge SPA, Tema Srl, Aitek S.p.A., Artys S.r.l..

Specific objectives of the Go-Smart 2.0 project are:

  • To achieve a functional and operational integration with systems, services and technological platforms dedicated to the governance of other fundamental components of mobility management in the area of Genoa (train, port) which are part of the TRANSIT Pole objectives and are subject to similar activities research and innovation;
  • Cooperating with systems and services for land security management; in particular, to ensure the exchange of information and future interactions with a platform for the management of land security and urban resilience proposed in the SOSIA Pole;
  • Implement interactions and information exchanges with systems and services dedicated to other areas of the smart city connected to the management of mobility (eg city dashboard, environmental monitoring, hydrogeological and energy risk, services for tourism, etc.)
  • Ensure in the future a regional scalability of the functions and services provided by the platform (transfer and replication to other areas, interconnection with other centers).


Methodologies and models for the integration of information flows and the interoperability of services (ICT) from different and heterogeneous sources referable to the different components of multi-modal mobility.

Machine learning and data analytics methodologies, algorithms and models applicable to data sets, information flows and mobility processes; methodologies and models for data sampling, feature selection and clustering in large data flows relating to the different components of mobility, aimed at recognizing mobility patterns and critical situations of the transport network.

Predictive models and algorithms for estimating the evolution of traffic and mobility situations in a multi-modality context.

Methodologies, models and technologies for Advanced Video Analysis applicable to the recognition of risk points and situations for mobility, with particular reference to the most vulnerable components such as two-wheeled mobility.

Methodologies and models for estimating and forecasting atmospheric precipitation (nowcasting) on ​​an area, suitable for use in the context of information services, warning and prevention of risks for mobility.


The consortium is made up of algoWatt SpA, TBridge SpA, TeMA Srl, Aitek SpA and Artys Srl.

The GoSmart project will make use of the contribution of a collaboration agreement stipulated between the companies participating in the aggregation and the University of Genoa, in the figures of the Mechanical, Energy, Management and Transport Engineering (DIME) and Engineering Departments. Naval, Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunications (DITEN).

The collaboration agreement between DIME and companies will focus on issues relating to the optimization of traffic flows on an urban mobility network through an innovative navigation system for regular users

The collaboration agreement between DITEN and Artys will refer to issues related to the estimation and rainfall forecast in the short to medium term (nowcasting) aimed at the use of risk prevention and increased safety for mobility flows.





algoWatt SpA


Project financed on the 2014/2020 Regional Operational Program Objective “Investments in favor of growth and employment” Axis 1 “Research and Innovation (OT1)” Action 1.2.4 Call for proposals “Support for the implementation of complex projects of research and development activities for enterprises aggregated to the research and innovation centers ”Liguria Region.


24 months