Enabling Platform for Commercial Services of Aggregate management of resources in the electricity system


PASCAL realizes and tests a technological platform to meet the needs of the Aggregator from both the technological and economic points of view.

The system of production, transmission, distribution and consumption of electricity (Electric System) has for several years now been in a phase of profound transformation from a mainly hierarchical model to a distributed model.


The general impulse to sustainable development and the attention to reduce any form of pollution synthesized in the “20-20-20” objective that Europe has set itself has led to the increasingly widespread use of renewable energy sources not programmable (FRNP) and the remarkable development of  ‘distributed generation’.

This evolution has created instability in the transport and distribution network due precisely to the unpredictability and programmability of these sources.

In addition, these are often located on the periphery of the network, altering the flow logic of the energy from the center to the periphery for which the networks have been designed.


The PASCAL platform acts as an innovative tool to face in a new way a market that is opening up in the Italian context.

The progressive and inevitable opening of the Electricity System to the participation of new entities (Aggregators) that can activate the contribution of demand and distributed generation to the stability and programmability of the system is in fact a new aspect not only in Italy, but in most European countries. PASCAL enters this market with the proposal of an innovative approach both in the business model (DEMAND RESPONSE AS A SERVICE) and in the technological instrumentation (end-to-end closed cycle platform) which capitalizes on the experiences of the countries that first opened the market for the participation of new subjects (eg USA, UK). In particular, the PASCAL approach already targets a scenario in which the involvement on a relatively large scale of demand and distributed generation is envisaged involving buildings, small industrial and commercial users and, to tend, the residential users themselves. To achieve this, PASCAL adopts innovative technologies for data analysis, prediction of the behavior of the units involved, interaction with the dispatching services market that exploit the most recent developments in the “big data” world.


A consolidated research group with a renowned academic and industrial profile.

The consortium is made up of:

algoWatt S.P.A. with headquarters in Catania Via Leucatia 9, on the island of Sicily, where all the planned activities are carried out. In Italy there are several offices among which we remember the one in Milan – ITALY.

COL GIOVANNI PAOLO S.P.A. is structured on two different research units, one in Moncalieri (TO), where it has its registered office and the second office in Belpasso (CT) in SP 14 n.93-95, Piano Tavola where the project activities will be carried out-ITALY .

COMETA – Multi-Entity Consortium for the Promotion and Adoption of Advanced Computing Technologies and will take place in Via Santa Sofia 64 c / o INFN Department of Physics Astronomy Univ.CT, Catania – ITALY. The “Multi-Entity Consortium for the Promotion and Adoption of Advanced Computing Technologies” (COMETA) ( was founded in 2005 by:

SFERA an innovative startup created with the aim of developing highly reliable services for the management of distributed, remote-controlled and remotely programmable network infrastructures. For SFERA S.r.l the activities will take place at its registered office in Tremestieri Etneo (CT) in Via Novaluce 38 – ITALY.






algoWatt SpA


Thematic scope of the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) Energy


December 2019


30 months, extendable for a further 6 months


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